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240K+ miles and still going strong! logo 4/26/2015 gymeni

I bought this car new in October 2003 and it had 31 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. I now have over 240K miles on it and the only issues I have ever had with it are: driver's door handle had to be replaced after not being able to open the door from the inside, AC compressor went out once. This car has been subject to at least 3 Honda recalls, one being the transmission issue. I will continue to drive it until the wheels fall off. My 1st gen (1997) CRV, which I also bought brand new, is still on the road today with another owner as well. Bought my daughter a new 2009 Fit as a graduation gift. She treats it like her baby! I stand by Honda, trying to decide which I will buy next.

Favorite Feature : This vehicle accelerates well and smoothly. I love the fact that it's roomy and has a large cargo area.

Suggested Improvement : I don't know what features are present in later models, but surely they've changed with the times and probably consist of everything I'd currently want in a vehicle.

Average Rating : 4.125


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