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25 YEAR OLD 735 logo 8/16/2015

I wanted one of these since I was 18. 43 now and finally found one. One owner. A literal barn find. Purchased in May of 2015. Stored inside, parked since 09. After an oil & trans fluid change, as well as general and thorough tune up, I gently started driving her around. A few quirks popped up right away...mostly electrical. After pulling the modules located in the engine compartment and cleaning all the contacts, all electrical oddness disappeared. These vehicles are very sensitive to incorrect voltage. Clean, clean and clean again all the connections you can get to. Good idea to check all your vacuum lines and fuel lines as well. Couple of complaints. no means are these a deal breaker. No cup holders, no tilt wheel with the air bag equipped versions. Love the fancy cassette deck. Brightest darn headlights ever. Love the big cars. Grew up driving USA made 60s and 70s luxury barges, so this is right where I like to be. A bit more refined. Very quick and nimble for a 4000lb vehicle. Overall super cool. Steer clear if you're not a car guy though. These are older and will need work. Suspension for sure. Heavy cars=hard on your suspension and steering components. I could go on. ..and on. Again, overall super awesome and rad! UPDATE: Been driving this almost a year. It's the middle of winter here. Overall, still not bad. I can say the traction in the deeper snow isn't all that. By deeper snow I mean 4" plus. Driving traction isn't the killer, it's the acceleration traction. Take it easy, don't spin the wheels. Use the trans 321 gear selectors. Yes, I did put 4 brand new tires on it in May. Hankook vs2 I believe. I also run with the specified winter ballast weight in the trunk. After all , it is a RWD vehicle. Maybe look for one with the optional traction control if you're put off by this. I've had two issues crop up in the past year. Again, if you do your homework, you'll see these are typical issues with these vehicle and I'm not holding it against the vehicle itself. Leaking radiator (common to crack at the inlet/outlet) the "shimmy" or "wobble" so I'll be replacing those worn control arms as weather permits. Along with the radiator. No biggie. Both jobs look pretty simple.

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