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2.5 years in, still love the car. logo 5/25/2015 hotpotato

Who goes in to the dealer looking for a VW GTI or Ford Focus ST and leaves with a hybrid!? This guy. The C-Max is like half a dozen cars all in one. It does 0-60 in less than 8 seconds, and has the quiet, solid handling of a Euro luxury car. It swallows cargo like a small van, with rear seats that fold flat at the pull of a lever, and the driver has a nice elevated seating position for a good view of the road. Yet it gets fuel economy of a tiny, tinny subcompact. Indeed, it's the best of all worlds.


Favorite Feature : Strong electric torque. Precise steering. Dual-zone automatic climate control with lap vents: no temperature arguments. Fishbowl-like visibility in every direction. Airy cabin with ample headroom and tall seating position. Good MPG for a car that's so roomy and rewarding to drive.It's fun to use Empower mode to how the car is combining gas and electric power. The muted jetlike whoosh of the electric motor sounds futuristic and fun.Sync lets you control many functions with your voice, but it's not "natural" language. For that, pair your iPhone, press its Home button, and you're talking to Siri through your car -- get a dash mount and she'll handle your navigation, music etc.

Suggested Improvement : Make the optional Sony stereo standard - the base model's standard stereo has lots of features but the controls are unintuitive and the sound is meh.Affix the outside window trim panels better--they creak in turns. Seal the engine compartment better -- leaves get in there, and fall inside the fender where they can't be pulled out. If they're wet, rust could conceivably result.Fix the turning radius -- this is a short car, it shouldn't have the turning radius of a monster truck. Ensure all owners get customer service action 15B04 performed - this should hopefully fix the occasional no-start problem that some owners (mostly early-build first-year base models) have had.

Average Rating : 4.25


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