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25,000 mile engine logo 8/28/2015 Jon

First of all, I bought the car brand new, knowing that I would put a lot of miles on it. The warranty seemed perfectly acceptable and we were very happy with the purchase. We put about 25,000 miles on this car in one year and we only brought it in for oil changes and recall repairs. So far, so good. The car handles well, gets good MPG, and does what we expect it to do. Then, the car broke down while my wife was driving through town, on her way home from work.The dealer took about one week to diagnose the problem, claiming the service department was short-handed. The following week, I was told that the turbo charger would need to be replaced, and when I checked in two days later, the engine also needed to be replaced. I have owned several new cars, and I have never had a problem with the engine in the first year of driving. In fact, I have never had engine problems within the first 100,000 miles of any engine. Naturally, I was concerned. I asked about replacement parts, and of course, the exact same OEM parts that had failed already were being installed. I tell them that's fine, but I would like to have an extended warranty so that these new parts, including the engine, would be covered for longer in case the same problem repeats. This was also denied. I have spoken to MINI USA several times, and there is nothing they will do that is not already covered. Please understand, the car is well within warranty and I have incurred no additional cost. Not yet, anyway. However, the car has been in the shop for three weeks now, and counting. Getting an extended warranty is pointless now, because I will be unloading this car at my earliest opportunity. I will replace my MINI with a reliable car, and never consider purchasing another in the future.

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