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2nd Land Rover logo 9/2/2015 Lmahler

We are a household right now with one and another soon-to-be teen driver. I have had a LR3 since 2006. In my mind as a mom it was known as "the mobile command center". With 5 seats in the back I could rescue kids at school from the school bus to become "the Cool Bus". Fast forward to high school.We were in the market for a used car in a house with two teen drivers. My husband looked up my 2006 LR3 in the Kelly Blue book to find out it was worth about $10-12,000. I thought "why are we lookig for a decent used car for under $20K when there was fantastic one sitting right in our driveway?" I had one incident right off the bat with my LR3 with the power steering going out on our first road trip. LR took care of it right away, including the towing. From then on out I had no problems with my car-I loved Land Rover. I came to the conclusion "why doesn't mom get a new car and let the teens drive my old tank of a car? "After building the LR4 online at the medium range with all the features we wanted, I tried out the same package at the Lux model range, only to go up $2000. I really didn't want the Lux for some reason but LOVE it and now have had it for 3 months. Reading the other reviews, I have a few concerns/complaints. The weird whistling noise that to me sounds like it is coming from the stereo system was very prevolent in the first few weeks seems to have disappeared (fingers crossed) because it's annoying. The navigation system is really clunky, this is hands down my biggest question of "what were they thinking?". If you are entering an address you need to start from the bottom of the menu. The keyboard is set-up in alphabetical order which is so counterintuative, who types like that??-NO ONE, LAND ROVER. And who in the world at LR said "yeah, this is great, let's go with it.". As you are typing in letters the keyboard/screen goes dark for a second or so before the next avilable group of letters is availble, which is so slow!! The last time I used it my daughter and I were instructed to get off at an exit, we were now facing a traffic circle. The Nav system was silent for awhile while we drove in circles, then it instructed us to turn right on a street number that was not even on that traffic circle, it was just silent. We were so frustrated that we pulled into a gas staion, turned off the car, restarted it and reentered our destination. In the mean time we pulled out our Iphones to to direct us and it sent us on a totally different and better direction than the LR nav system.We were lucky enough to have been in Europe this summer and staying at a hotel that had gorgeous BMW loner cars. There is no comparing the BMW nav system (which was all in German) to Land Rover's. BMW's was fast and sleek compared to Land Rover-I hate saying that because I really love my Land Rovers!! If we didn't have teen drivers I would still be driving my LR3-I loved it. I LOVE my LR4, I find myself feeling like a newly licsensed 16 year old driver looking for a reason to drive my new car. I am so lucky to drive a car like this and my dealership in Portland, Oregon, Rasmussen Land Rover have taken amazing care of me. They were an enormous part of why I bought a second Land Rover and why I will probably buy a third one day.

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