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2nd Taurus but, Very Disappointed in the 2007 logo 8/10/2015 Michele

I bought my 2007 Taurus in 2009 with approx. 40xxx miles on it. It was a pretty decent car until I paid it off a couple of years ago. Since then I've had numerous problems. It's on its 3rd starter, 3rd battery, the brake fluid leaks and has been refilled numerous times, transmission leaks and whines horribly when it shifts, vacuum line disconnects easily and the paint on the hood has been steadily bubbling and peeling off. I have just under 129,000 miles on it now. I had a 1999 Taurus prior to owning the 2007. It had over 175,000 miles on it before I had to start putting a substantial amount of money into repairs and I drove it until it had 260,000+ miles.

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