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3 Strikes - Your Out logo 8/19/2015 Jill

Strike 1- Styling, It simply looks like every other vehicle on the road. The interior is more of a mini van than SUV. There is no center arm rest or large storage area as in previous Pilots. It has mini van style arm rests. Strike 2 - Too much unnecessary electronics such as the touch screen audio, push button start and electric tailgate. (Are people really that lazy that they can not open and close the tailgate) Strike 3 - Handling. This vehicle does not handle well. The steering is light and does not seem strong enough for a vehicle this size and weight. There is also a weird bottom weight feel. Out here in the country where I live, we have lots of winding roads. I have never had any car or truck handle so poorly and with so much body roll. There is no confidence when driving. In my opinion, Honda has taken several steps backwards with the 2016 Pilot. It is not an improvement from the last 2 generations.

Average Rating : 1


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