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3000 Mile Review logo 8/17/2015 Dennis Baszynski

This is an addition to my earlier review tiled "2000 Mile Review" shortly after I wrote my review, I continued to improve the MPG of the RAV4. I reached 29.9 MPG and was about to take my first trip in it. I immediately got 30 mpg as I entered the expressway, which meant I was at the cusp of getting there. I suggest another decimal point be added to the instrumentation. After 4 hours of driving I was at 30.1. I ended the whole trip at 30.2 MPG average which I think is great! The dealer originally told me I should get 24-25 MPG. The visibility all around is great. The seats are great because my legs did not go numb or feel any tingling in them like some vehicles I owned in the past. Cargo space was great. There was very little noise the entire way. Acceleration was adequate. I love the cruise control. I can do all the highway driving with that and not have to use the gas pedal for hours. The vehicle does let me know if I am straying out of my lane just because it is that sensitive. Most vehicles I cannot feel it if I am going out of my lane. I also climbed several dirt hills to take a short cut and the RAV4 did just fine. Overall I am still very happy with the purchase.

Average Rating : 5


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