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30th Anniversary Edition logo 4/4/2017 Lance Hogue

Great Bargain Vehicle purchased just coming off 2 yr lease. It had just 36K miles on it .Comfortable to drive lotsa bells and whistles..Likes: ride, comfort, Auto Start and push button start, Heated front and rear seats and wheel, Lane change assist very helpful for blind areas in rear ,Rear power stow n go seat is power, Back up sensors,camera etc great for warning something is approaching, Stow and Go all seats makes for a lot of room for hauling stuff. Needs improvement: Navigation is Garmin Cant see it very well from drivers seat, slow to respond when you miss a turn, colors poor and hard to see in light, did software update and radio blew up, luckily Chrysler Uconnect covered it with new radio under extended warranty, maps outdated and limited ability, Nav not worth extra money nor updating maps which can be done usually every June from 3rd party company on usb for $150.00. Wipers have auto sensors and go crazy in rain sometimes wiping so fast you think there gonna fly off windshield. When lights on auto and come on at dusk the entire dash goes dark ...have to adjust interior light knob. Rear view mirror has all kinds of stuff rigged into it ..very small in size would like it to be bigger to see more. Vehicle came with a can of air and jack and empty cage underneath with no spare ! $255 to purchase on Amazon. Dealer way higher .Had a Class 3 Hitch put on vehicle for towing trailer which it does nicely. Overall good bargain for used vehicle. When shopping pay attention to options listed as these vehicles all have different options I found many of these used vehicle sales people have no clue about them and the dealers list options that actually aren't on the vehicle. Recommend you go online and research VIN for original window sticker which can be had for free and then check vehicle to make sure it actually has the options listed. Check underneath for spare tire ! Check to ensure all options are actually working before purchasing ..2014 was last year Chrysler gave the longer warranty on the engine and transmission rust roadside assistance etc 5 yrs or 100K This is our 3rd Chrysler Mini Van and by far much improved over the 2001 model we still have.

Average Rating : 4


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