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3rd Kia Soul purchase logo 8/11/2015 Douglas Lower

I traded my 14 Kia Soul in on a Jeep Wrangler, I made money on the trade, but then regretted getting rid of it. So off I went to the dealership for another one. I picked up a 15 Soul Base 6 speed manual, Silver with 2 tone Silver/Black interior. Very nice combo. I was so thrilled with my 14 and equally with my 15. I noticed they did away with heated mirrors on the 15 base manual compared to the 14. I also noticed the tires were nosier on the 15, they were Kumhos. On my 14 and 15 I purchased factory foglight kits on the internet for 189.00 from Kan Motors and had them installed at a local bodyshop for 150.00 . I then checked all the local Kia dealers for pull-off wheels, I found a nice set of new Soul + 17 inch wheels and tires. The car became quiet like the 14 .These tires are the Nexens. I enjoy everything ,about this vehicle. Safety ratings are amazing. Gas mileage is great with the manual. Nice cargo capacity and room for occupants. Very nice features for a base model. I can get up to 42 mpg watching my driving habits.

Average Rating : 5


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