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3rd Miata and I'm keeping this one logo 7/6/2016 Liam

First off, I have owned a 95 M edition, a 99 set up for autocross, and now this beauty. This Miata takes everything I loved about my other 2 and combined it in to one amazing package. For those that don't know, this is one of the rarest trims ever made and has nearly every single feature from the previous generations (6 speed, turbocharged, torsen LSD, bose speakers etc.) and I was fortunate enough to find a GT package with the leather seats, speaker bar, and carbon fiber type trim. PROS: It's an absolute blast to drive, insurance is relatively cheap for someone in their early 20's, handles very well and feels confident around corners, maintenance is inexpensive and is not frequently needed (owned for ~30k miles on oil changes and 1 set of brake pads), acceleration is very good for a miata, and it turns heads the same way a Ferrari or Lamborghini would but in a $7000 used car. CONS: I'm 5'8 140lbs and fit perfectly in and out of the car but the average American will have difficulties if this is their daily driver, rain and snow handling is poor (as to be expected), lots of engine and exhaust noise in the cabin which I love but may be a con, trunk space is almost non existent, the lack of a factory roll bar is concerning so It is highly recommended to install one.

Average Rating : 5


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