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4 years ownership and still happy! logo 8/6/2015 Denise Sovine

No surprises. I drive lots of highway miles, so wanted the most comfort and performance I could get, but stay in budget for purchase price, fuel, repairs. I've had it over 4 years. I had the timing chain issue around 45K. It was under warranty then, so no big deal. I pulled in the bay at the dealership, said "what's this ticking?" They gave me a rental while repairing. Happened again around 90K. They had done a recall by then and put on a the redesigned timing system. Going through tires fast, about 33k. Fuel efficiency less than expected, 27/24 prob. It will get 30 or so on hwy only if you stay around 50 mpg. Find a good dealership. One in Nashville, I find predatory. I tried another and get treated like I'm not a chump there.

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