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40k driven in a year, and still rocking it! logo 9/11/2015 Nik

I love this car. Seriously. I've had my fair share of crummy cars in the past, to the point that it left me paranoid. After having had the outlander sport for a year and driving it 40,000 in one year, I can happily say this car is a champ. Not only do I drive for business and need it to be reliable, but it's really comfy and looks fancy for the cost. I've been able to fit a recliner in it with the seats down, and one trip had two medium size dog crates in there too. It's surprising how much it can fit. Then there's the gas mileage. Last fill up cost me $27 and it goes about 320 miles on that. The sound is great and I love the subwoofer in the back.Then there's the panoramic sun roof. Anytime a friend gets in the car that's the first thing they notice. As for the finishings, so far the interior holds up. I've had cars (vw's, Hondas, and nissans) that break apart or seems come apart. So far the outlander is in one piece. Oh! And I've accidently hit a few things and no Damage shown on the car. Major plus! I can't say enough positive things.Only downside, is if the car is packed with people, cargo, and ac blasting- the acceleration struggles a bit. But not surprising. If you're short like me (under 5ft) the drivers seat goes up and gives you a clear view of the road. If you're tall like my dad (6'1") you can adjust it and feel comfortable too.I highly recommend this car.

Average Rating : 5


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