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44.2 MPG Amazing logo 7/28/2015 silverescape

i owned a 2013 escape fwd and my personal experience in the snow was horrible, but loved the car. So i got the 2015 se turbo all wheel drive Escape. car is basically the same. Here are the things i love; the style it looks awesome and everyone agrees, drives and handles great it really is one of the best handling vehicles if ever driven, the turbo is pretty cool too it really boosts the horse power and it isnt loud at all plus theres a little cool whistle from the exhaust just to remind you its a turbo. what i really like about this car is the 2013 i owned was trouble free @ 25,000 miles. One last note i love when this 2015 escape impresses me, the last time , well not last but 1 month ago i rest the trip computer and set cruise control at 51 mph and i was amazed it read 44.2 MPG,,, that right i said 44.2 miles per gallon and took a picture and would be happy to send it to anyone to back up my claim..Hope this helps some one make a great decision,,Style , handling, confidence , 44.2 MPG

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