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48,000 miles on 2009 328i xDrive logo 6/28/2015 sduconn

Car has been reliable, has just needed regular maintenance. Run-flat tires are awful - have replaced several and now have Continentals. No space for spare tire, but have taken long road trips over 800 miles. Performance and dynamics are excellent - brake feel, steering, acceleration are all top notch. Interior - though good for this class. Excellent ergonomics and materials. Maintenance and repair are expensive out of warranty but that's ok for this level of luxury and performance (it is a BMW). No rattles or shakes and road noise is minimal, though it is a sports sedan - ride is stiff and choppy with larger wheel size. Overall top notch sedan, few compromises.

Favorite Feature : - It's all about the performance- Easy to comprehend interior - simple dash design- Comfortable for 1-4 average sized people- Excellent in bad weather

Suggested Improvement : - No more run-flat tires BMW - put a spare in somewhere- Wheels get dirty easy due to caliber placement- Not as eager as a 335i

Average Rating : 4.5


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