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5 years, 125k miles logo 9/7/2015 John

I owned Maxima 2000 and got 260k out of it; died due to New England salt and rust. 2010: It took a while to get used to CVT but the car retains great acceleration with a different feel. Very pleased with 27mpg mixed driving. The major moving part I replaced was one of the bearings at about 110k. The replacement resulted in the care decelerating less when not on the gas pedal. The drive train has proven reliable. Bose stereo is outstanding. Sunroof never leaks. Emergency handling is stellar. Braking is solid although unremarkable; no diving. Rain and snow are handling are mostly dependent upon tire choices. Headlights not as illuminating as my wife's Honda Odyssey 2012 for reasons I don't understand. Bose stereo is 'da bomb.' I use synthetic oil - change every 10k. Leather holding up well. Will definitely buy another but it will probably be at least another 5 years.

Average Rating : 5


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