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5.3L 4WD 2DR SHORTBOX Sierria 1500 logo 9/7/2015 Joe Donahue

THE HEADLIGHTS ARE DANGEROUS!!! Be extremely careful driving this vehicle at night!!! The way the LOW BEAMS are designed make for a Dangerous Driving Condition!!! The OEM Headlights are NOT ADJUSTABLE!!!! If anyone comes up with a fix or an approved warranty replacement set of Headlights please contact me [contact info removed].The Hump? Or left foot pad on the Drivers side is something that shall need to be fixed. It's down wright uncomfortable, and I'm thinking a RAZOR BLADE and maybe a 5 Lbs MECHANOCKER Hammer may do the trick. The Owners manual says there should be locking tabs below the (VYNAL?) interior flooring for floor mats. I imagine with the Razor Blade and a set of Heavy Shears I will find out. So, Basically for $34k I've got a new truck that is in need of some Mechanical Surgery.On the Good side though the Sales Team that I bought this vehicle from went above and beyond their duty to obtain this vehicle to sell to me. Great Job Sales Team!

Average Rating : 4


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