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5dr Sonic Turbo Automatic logo 8/12/2015 John

I did not pick this car - though I got it brand new - very grateful. But want to save potential buyers from getting duped. This turbo engine is very dangerous to drive - terrible lag. And car will not move when temperature is high. Seems to be worst at 100 degrees or above- but noticeable by 95. Do NOT buy a turbo of you live in a desert climate! Besides danger- it gets 16 mpg city and less than 30 hwy when it is hot! Dealer refuses to address issue or stand behind this car. Has been doing this since new. High temps means dangerous car with horrible gas mileage. I believe it is a design flaw. Also I have had a water pump and broken AC already . Car has 30k from commute and I've only used premium oil and taken meticulous care of it. Transmission is now going nuts and the entire car rattles like a 67 Buick. Again hwy miles and never abused. I wanted to like this car and give Chevrolet a chance...but after two years I can say I'd never buy another Chevrolet. Back to German, or Japanese:Korean if economy. Sonic is very safe and comfortable , spacious and quiet cabin, and has lots of features...but unfortunately the quality just isn't there. I doubt this vehicle will be running to 100 k miles. (Even with most all miles be freeway.) in addition trade in value is already 8 grand on this premium level car( a comparable Honda Fit would be worth much much more. Very high depreciation on sonic as they have become rental cars across the United States I guess) Bottom line is if you DO buy a sonic do not buy the turbo. Yes it's more fun to drive because of torque but is annoyingly slow off the line always - and dangerously slow when engine temp is affected by summer weather. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a Sonic. 16 MPG in town and the dealer says car is fine? Speaks volumes of Chevrolet product.

Average Rating : 3


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