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5+ yrs and 100k miles and I want to buy it again! logo 4/29/2016 Jim Furbush

I didn't set out to buy this car, or any car until I spotted this at the dealership and fell in love. Walking in with your mouth hanging open probably isn't the best negotiating strategy. This hadn't happened since spotting my 1978 Toyota Celica GT5 right after college!It isn't unusual for people to walk up and ask me about the car and compliment me - it happens every week. Happened just today in fact. Love driving this car and have had very few issues. Handles well and has all the power most mere mortals need. My only issues are minor - one annoying one, the media screen is for some reason unreadable when the dash lights are very dimmed. Not sure what people are complaining about with the seats being uncomfortable... I'm 60 and drive routinely over an hour with zero discomfort. The only repairs were when the buttons on the doors malfunctioned and were promptly repaired under warranty by dealer. Also had a battery die and have to be replaced. Me, I wish I could just turn back the clock and start over with this very same car.

Average Rating : 5


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