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60,000 Mile Review logo 9/9/2015 Daxer

After 28 months and almost 60K miles I thought a "mid-term" assessment might be useful.First the oil consumption issue. Yes, there appears to be an issue but it doesn't seem to affect everyone the same. I'm just now starting to see it and for me, at least for the time being, it's not a big deal. Changing oil every 7,500 miles, my low oil light first illuminated at 51,500, right about 1000 miles shy of the 52.5K change interval. I was indeed a quart low and just changed the oil early. I've monitored my oil consumption since then - just rolled over 58K - and I'm about 2/3rds of the way down from the full/upper hole in the dipstick. Still in the "safe zone" I just went ahead and added a half-quart so I'm not sure I'd have seen another low oil light or not in the next thousand miles. Maybe. Probably. So Subaru definitely knows about the issue and there's a TSB out. And if you read the TSB it does seem like Subaru's first line of defense is to say it's not a problem. There's an excellent thread just started (12 Aug '15) at (which also uses the FB25 engine) titled "Subaru Outback - Subaru Outback Forums > Models > Gen 4: 2010-2014 > FB Series Engine, Oil Burning, Subaru, and You". Google it. Alright, moving on, things I like about my Forester:- Outstanding gas mileage. Better than advertised and better than expected. I drive a lot of state roads where the speed limit is 55. With the cruise at 60 I routinely average 34-38 mpg. On the interstate at 70 mph I still get 30-34. Around town it's about 30. The numbers drop about 4 mpg in cold winter driving but that's to be expected, especially since I add snow tires.- Great forward visibility. Best I've ever had and will sorely miss it when/if I go back to a sedan. - Heated seats. My first experience with them and I'll never own another car without them. - Roomy. Open cabin feeling, especially with the sunroof shade fully open. Plenty of leg room, both sides, both front and rear. Huge front passenger leg room with seat all the way back. 60/40 split is nice for long objects like skis. Lots of cargo room. Extra storage in spare tire well. - Rear reclining seats. They don't recline much, maybe about 6 inches but it's surprising how much more room it yields.- Excellent in snow . . . IF you replace the Yokohama Geolander OEM tires (see below). - Easy routine maintenance. Open the hood and right in front of you is a top-mounted oil filter. Makes changing the oil a breeze. Engine air and cabin air filters also easy to change. Things I'm not too keen on:- Biggest disappointment is the quirky CVT at low rpms. The CVT has an annoying hesitation when transitioning through the very low rpm band which makes it difficult to smoothly accelerate from a dead stop (unless you just put your foot into it). You start to accelerate and then there's a brief hesitation and then you continue. It's also noticable when creeping slowly through a parking lot looking for a spot. You're not bucking or anything but it's there. Eventually you get used to it but it's still annoying. Otherwise the CVT is smooth as silk otherwise. - Doors don't automatically lock when you engage drive or reverse. Yeah, it's a picky little thing but every other car I've owned had the feature which is nice if you have kids.- The remote start shuts off when you open the door. I know it's a safety feature but how about at least giving me the option to override the automatic shut off. Defeats the purpose of getting into a nice warm car and driving off. - Horrible OEM tires. Talking specifically the Yoko Geolanders all season radials and can't speak to any other OEMs. They ride hard and I feel every little bump (and no, they're not overinflated). Can't wait to replace them. And they're TERRIBLE in snow. They're fine on dry/wet pavement but I bought a set of steel wheels and snow tires just for winter driving. I routinely drive along 6-8 inches of unplowed roads without concern. Still, use common sense on corners and on snow pack. It's a Subaru, not a tank. - No Sirius/XM radio. With my USB memory sticks I really don't miss it but with a sticker around $30K you'd expect satellite radio to come standard with the Limited trim. - Reduced towing capacity. With the CVT max towing is lowered to 1500 pounds. Okay if you're only hauling a small boat or jet skis or snowmobiles but anything larger and your SOL. Plus ANY towing puts you into the "severe" maintenance schedule. - Power driver seat is nice but would be nicer with memory settings as my wife and I are different sizes.- Donut spare can only be used on the rear axle. It's not a complaint, just an observation endemic with the AWD system. If you get a flat up front you have to move a rear tire to the front and put the spare on the vacated rear wheel. - Rear windows don't extend all the way down. My dog drools all over the outside of the windows.

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