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60,000 miles on s-speed manual logo 6/14/2016 Schooby

I purchased this car brand new in Charleston, SC for $15,600. It features the 6-speed manual trans. I have just hit 60,000 miles and the car runs excellent. I average 41.6 miles per gallon, when the car was brand new it was 41.9 to 42 miles per gallon, mostly highway driving at 60 MPH. I am still on the original factory tires and they still have a decent amount of tread left. I change my oil every 5k miles using the cheapest 0W-20 full synthetic I can find usually at Napa. The main complaint is the Blue Tooth, periodically it will disconnect from my phone for no readily apparent reason. It is not the phone's fault as I have had 4 different phones in this car and the blue tooth will disconnect and sometimes take 20 minutes to an hour before connecting again. Also quite frequently while parked the car will not go into reverse. You must inch the car forward in first gear to get the gears to line up for reverse. This happens abut 1 in every 4 times I need to use reverse while stopped. Not a big deal. The cup holders are in between the gear shifter and the center console arm rest, so tall drinks with straws may interfere with your forearm while shifting. I had the cruise control installed aftermarket for $400, both the brake and clutch pedal deactivate the cruise. The car isn't very fast off the line nor is it fast when passing unless you grab a much lower gear and get that engine to rev up higher. This car is designed to be affordable and reliable and it is exactly that. at 41.6 miles per gallon it is very cheap to drive.During the past 60,000 miles I have had no warranty issues at all, the only thing I had the dealership do was adjust the headlights a little bit lower. From the factory they seemed high and I was constantly having other drivers flash their high beams at me thinking I had my brights on.My wife complains that the head rest tilt her head too far forward and she flips them around while driving. I do not have this problem. She is 5ft3in tall I am 5ft8in. This is a timing chain driven engine which is a plus, no timing belts!Driving in the hills of Western NC near Ashville the car did very well on the interstate in 6th gear at 70 MPH, steep grades may require dropping into 5th gear. AC works well in 95+ heat and cools the car rather quickly

Average Rating : 4


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