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6MT 2015 WRX is the car I always dreamed of! logo 5/8/2015 6spdwrx

This is my first turbo charged car and I always debated myself getting used EVO X vs new 2015 WRX. I think I made a right choice not choosing abused EVO X. My previous car was 2008 Toyota Camry with 160k miles and I decided to sell the car before it causes big problems. I read everything about 15WRX before I purchased it, so I was expecting stiff ride; first I was little annoyed but I got used to it. Twin scroll turbo was amazing and I didn't have any issues of turbo delay(it has around 5sec lag around 2500rpm). SAWD suspensions performed superior to anyother AWD cars I have driven.It cornered very sharply without hearing tire skid. Overall, I made a right choice of getting 2015 WRX.

Favorite Feature : My favorite features are clustered gauges (boost, oil temperature, AWD deferential, AVG MPG, etc), twin scroll turbo, clutch pedal, standard bluetooth, backup camera and automated climate control, sti short shifter, symmetrical all wheel drive suspensions, 6speed manual transmission, large leg room, exterior and interior looks, stock exhaust system, and comfy bucket seats.

Suggested Improvement : Following needs improvements: better speakers and radio, and better bluetooth microphone.

Average Rating : 4.75


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