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7 months later and still Love, Love, Love this car logo 7/9/2016 Rocky Mountains Driver

My first Mercedes Benz . . . I really researched SUV's, looking for that perfect balance of utility, comfort and reliability. I went out of my way to get one with standard tires, the ride is so much better, smoother. It maybe doesn't look very flashy, but then flash was not something I wanted. The seats could be a little more comfortable, they're only ok, they are hard and begin getting uncomfortable after long hours of driving. The pick-up is smooth and immediate, easy to pass. The Distronic cruise control is beyond wonderful, it makes long drives so much more pleasant and easier too. The entertainment system is excellent, very intuitive and the console knob is very convenient and easy to operate. While the bluetooth phone hooks right up without any problem, connecting your music is a little harder and is my only complaint with the entertainment options. Navigation is great. Over the past 10 years I've driven a couple of Escalades (and every year they are little more uncomfortable and missing another bell or whistle), Tahoe (how much stick on plastic pieces can they fit in the interior?), Navigator (why oh why does Ford/Lincoln not get on board with adaptive cruise control in their most luxurious SUV?). The Mercedes beats them all, on all fronts. It's quieter, smoother, more responsive. Cruise control holds as well going downhill as on a flat surface. We don't need the 3rd row of seats and they fold down easily and flat, creating a large cargo area. MB offers great mats and containers built to fit, making optimal use of the area. Body built in America, engine built in Germany. I turned off the lane minder feature, I found the vibration and gentle guide back into my lane aggravating, would probably turn it on if I was driving sleepy, otherwise it's just too sensitive. Overall, great vehicle . . . I hope it continues to exceed my expectations.

Average Rating : 5


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