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700,000 and still going 1 engine change logo 3/27/2015 J Emerson McGowan

bought new in 91. Have had some issues over the years. Got away from the dealer repair charges... was killing me. Could not walk in there without dropping $600 min. Have found 2 good mechanics who keep it running. Interior getting a bit raggedy but, it keeps running. 3rd clutch but they lasted about 300k each. Some rust out around rear wheel wells and bottom of back door. I got no car note and I am happy. Just cant part with a car that keeps running. Probably bought a cheap bmw for the money I have put in it over the years. But, scumbag mechanics in the past have not helped. Now, thank god I have 2 great guys that fix my shorty and it keeps going. Need to fix the heater core now and the dash

Favorite Feature : handling, 5 spd, approx. 30 mpg still, headliner is not raggedy thanks to composite material

Suggested Improvement : get me a million miles on it... stop dealerships from charging an arm and leg.

Average Rating : 3.625


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