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8 Year 170K mile review logo 5/23/2015 clearwatereq

And I can honestly say I'd buy another. My red jewel SLT2 has every option available for 2007. It's been a reliable vehicle overall, not 100% problem free though. I replaced the transmission at 60K, steering rack at 50k, water pump at 67k, struts at 80K, and other regular wear and tear items that are normal (ie-brakes) It's been amazingly trouble free for nearly the last 100K. It still looks and drives much like a new vehicle.

Favorite Feature : You can't beat the design and utility here, lots of people and cargo room. Very solid felling and a dream on snowy roads. People still think mines a brand new vehicle, its held up well.

Suggested Improvement : Seems the first two model years were a bit problematic for some. Most write a review to complain, I'm writing mine to show these vehicles are not all bad. I would hope they had the transmission sorted out, that was a costly item. would also like a bit more power for the mountain roads i frequent.

Average Rating : 4.125


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