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9 months of ownership and still smiling logo 8/24/2015 Ben

I was a little nervous purchasing the e-Golf given some of the issues others have reported. I test drove one and was surprised to see the range INCREASE as I drove, and I liked it a lot better than the Leaf, Fiat, or SmartTwo. I can't say I got the best deal but with the incentives, I am driving this for $200/month lease and 8¢/kWh. Basically, it costs me $1.90 to "fill the tank" and go 90-100 miles. And, yes, with mixed driving I realistically achieve that range in warm weather. It's simple math really - the battery provides about 22 kWh of use, and if you can average 4 kWh you'll get 88 miles. I average between 4.5-5 kWh. While I am conscientious of the way in which I drive, I'm moving along with traffic. At 75+mph, you will watch the battery drain quickly. Likewise, as soon as the temps begin to dip, you'll notice range decrease by as much as 20-30%, so be prepared for that change, in part due to the impact of temps on the battery and also for the heating system. I gain about 10% of that differential back through driving in Eco+ mode with the heat off and seat warmer on. The fit, finish, drivability, and sportiness of this car puts it well above the other electrics I looked at. In fact, it looks like a normal car on the road.The only change I would make is that I would've opted now for the regular car with the better headlights, fake leather interior, alloy rims, and better heating system. While the LE is fine, it would've been worth the small amount of extra money for those items.To get the best out of this car, I highly recommend installing a Level 2 charger - it makes a huge difference for those days when you drain the battery and want to recharge and use the car again.

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