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911 Carrera Base Model/Not worth it/Go elsewhere! logo 9/2/2015 DAVE

They talk about heritage, everyday daily driver, prestige, bla bla bla. But unbeknownst to all your daily consumers, The 911's that are worth looking into are ones that are unaffordable to your typical middle class business man such as myself. My particular car was packaged with 20 inch S wheels, 14 way seats, bose, and sunroof. Being a BMW person, I wanted to try something different. After test driving the base 911, it seemed more than adequate. But what I learned later on was this car absolutely sucked!This car was absolutely the worst purchase ever. The lack of TECH, Comfort, Service, and Performance made me dread the payment and the drive every single day.Here's the breakdown:TECH: The car has none. The user interface is so outdated that it made my sister's entry level Lexus look like a futuristic car. Navigation is useless, all buttons are very small and hard to identify, front gauges are blocked by the steering wheel, making it difficult to see how much gas you have and such. Automatic Start stop actually eats more gas then it saves, and for such an expensive car, you would think that at least parking sensors would come standard.Comfort: NONE. It would be idiotic to take this on a long distance trip. You will find your lower back and legs feeling very sore. Getting out of the vehicle is straining and frustrating.Service: NONE. There is no complimentary service whatsoever, and warranty only lasts for two years. Also car requires service every 10k miles so you will find yourself visiting the stealership or mechanic quite often, spending a lot of money.Performance: The base 911 is not what it claims. at 350 HP and a light body weight, it is underachieving. I went head on with a BMW 335i Coupe and got burned. Literally. Gas consumption is worse then my SUV. No need to elaborate there.Don't get me wrong, if you're in the market for a Porsche 911, its a fantastic car. But just be sure not to get brand new base model. It is way smarter to purchase a pre-owned S or Turbo.Nowadays, the competition eats base 911's for breakfast. Other factory tuned cars come Cheaper,smarter, faster, comfortable, and nicer looking. Final thoughts, buy used. Do not lease or purchase new. And be sure to test drive the competition.

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