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92K Yari logo 8/4/2015 Cim Xaneau

IF you are an xperienced driver who doesn't get into accidents regularly...this is a great car! I WOULD NOT LET MY KIDS DRIVE THIS CAR! I'm the original owner of my '07 Yaris with ZERO maintenance issues. I change the oil & oil filters reg using only synthetics. I compressed aired my air filter clean at 90k. I changed the manual trans fluid, also used synthetic. I find the engine responds better over 55 mph using synthetics. I tossed my el crapo-factory spare after leaving the dealership and invested in a real spare tire. It takes more trunk space but gives me piece of mind. I change tires as needed. KEEP the front tires with plenty of tread and properly inflated. The rear tires are just along for the ride! On the hwy I can travel 400 miles on a tank. I did remove the relay for daytime running lights. Negatives: no temp guage to tell me if the engine is on it's way $$$ to overheating. It tell's me once it's achieved overheating-red light!!! You may want to undercoat the bottom and the wheel wells to fight rust. Hope to talk again at 190.

Average Rating : 5


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