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A 2014 that burns 2qts between oil changes?! BAD logo 7/30/2015 Ryan Lestina

I've had my 2014 for about 20,000 miles now. I love the car, I love it's handling, safety, form factor, and many other facets. It's like a billy goat in the rain and snow, hugs roads like very few other SUVs and gets 32MPG on the highway. But when the low oil light came on several thousand miles short of the recommended service interval, I immediately thought something was wrong. I topped it off and went right to an oil change shop. When they looked at the mileage and heard that it was 1.5 Qt down 2.5K miles short of the recommended interval, they too though something was wrong, and refused to service it. Looks like I need to head to the dealer and start a consumption test.

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