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A better toy than a car. logo 8/31/2015 Guillermo Ramon

Reliable, strong, tough, and powerful are the best adjectives to describe an FJ. If you want smooth and comfortable, go with a Mercedes Benz. FJ is an adventure car. When you are in the open country, where you can't find a road or a repeater tower for your cell phone, this Toyota will keep you safe and running. The only alternatives are the Jeep, the Hummer, and the Land Rover. Choosing an FJ or one of these alternatives is a matter of taste. If you can enjoy one of these, you will enjoy the others. You like these if you enjoy feeling the road, wheel noise, driving tall, a sense of power that the roar of an engine against obstacles provides, and the outdoors. Often, I read reviews about these cars that are negative about the noise and roughness of these cars. That makes no sense. You want to feel the road when you are driving off road. The wheel noise means your tires are good for off road. The engine roars because it has such high torque.My FJ is 8 years old and has 120,000 miles. It looks and feels like new, even though I abuse it totally. It gets me through rocks, mud, sand, and marshes. On the road, it accelerates like many sport cars (0 to 60 in about 7 sec). Gas consumption is worse than normal (13 mpg) because of off road tires and my driving habits.

Average Rating : 5


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