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A big surprise! logo 7/23/2015 John E. Abbey

After renting an Altima (S with a few options) in NY, we became interested in possibly getting one for ourselves. Seems the timing was right with rebates etc and the Nissan dealer here in Killeen paid off the remaining 7 months of lease from Toyota (2012 Camry base XLE) and got us into the SL with everything on it for less than $40 a month increase in our lease payment - and $ 0.00 due at signing! A great deal if the 'shine' remains after we've had it a while.I can say that after about 600 miles (just a week or so since getting it) the highway mileage is excellent -- just below or just above 40mpg! City driving has been around 23 so far. Hoping it will rise a bit. The appearance both externally and inside is A-1 First Class! I can't get over how exceptional it feels just getting in. The Bose stereo system works best if you run the bass and treble just above the middle. That way you can turn the volume up higher and get a more rounded sound (plenty of bass to a certain sub-bass frequency, then it drops off, but overall good to excellent.Everything about the drive is substantial. It feels much heavier than it is with a nicely weighted steering wheel. Some people don't like that, but I found it a pleasure once used to it. All the safety features great. The motor: VERY smooth at idle for a 4 cyl motor. Nearly 0 vibration at idle at a stop. The motor remains quite muted under normal acceleration, but does howl a bit when pushed. TRANS:: CVT means no noticeable gear shifts. A little 'odd' feel at first, but doesn't take long to appreciate how smooth it all works together. A/C -- the best I've ever had (as good as the Toyota, which I felt is top notch). Information display - once I figured it out is also such a neat feature. I love all of the little things that make it a 'cut above' so many other cars.Issues: Haven't had it long enough to generate negatives other than the leather seat is a little too hard -- I am finding it necessary to use an additional pillow/seat comforter type of thingy to keep from squirming after only 30 min or so on the road. The dealership says the leather will break in and should not be an issue for very long. The one we rented in NY was cloth and I had no comfort problems with the cloth version. Verdict: I will come up with a seating plan because I just love EVERYTHING ELSE! Hope this is helpful!!

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