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A bit disappointing logo 7/30/2015 BenMW

I bought my 2000 SL2 a couple of years ago. It had about 150K on it, but the engine had been rebuilt and on my test-drive it seemed steady. Add to that Saturn's good reputation, and I thought it would serve me well.Well, it hasn't been a complete bust; I'm still driving it. But in the last two years, I've had to replace both the fuel pump and the starter, and am now looking at brake and tire work. If I was running it into the ground, it would be one thing, but I have a short commute and do relatively little driving otherwise, so the wear-and-tear factor is minimal.Comfort isn't my biggest concern, but it's worth noting that the SL2 is only average in that regard. Very basic interior, a bit hard for people to get in or out of (especially taller folks) and it's not a smooth ride.That said, a newer model, or maybe one with fewer miles on it, might make for a good around-town car. But I'd be reluctant to recommend this to anyone with more serious driving to do.

Average Rating : 4


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