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A car nut in a quest for the next best thing logo 6/17/2016 BCWatty

I am a caraholic. I am in constant search of my next car. I love the Subaru and here is why: EYESIGHT is an extraordinary bargain. Cross-traffic alert system takes so much stress out of backing out of a parking space, I never knew the anxiety I had until it was alleviated. Blind spot monitors are very useful and, again, ease my mind when changing lanes. Adaptive cruise control is very useful and makes road trips stress-free, and the lane-keeping assist steers the car back into the middle of the lane. The rear seats recline. The roof rails have built-in cross rails. The cargo area is huge, but could use nets on the sides.What do i wish it had? The passenger seat needs to be height-adjustable just like every VW ever made. All cars should give up their proprietary interfaces and just give us CarPlay or license Ford's Sync3. An option for a panoramic moonroof would be nice, too. Diesel option would give us low-end torque. My biggest gripe? Make the passenger seat height adjustable.

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