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A car with problems, but if you can live with them logo 7/21/2015 Dave DeLong

The 2001 TT had numerous electrical problems, and mine is no exception. I blame it on the used car dealer I bought it from, who messed up quite a number of things... seems like I have run into a series of issues that are annoying, but not debilitating. Due to turbo lag and AWD it is a bit slow off the line (compared to my old Z car and 79 Trans Am), but the car is very strong in the mountains and on the highway. It is a great cruising car on the open road, and handles well up to about 110 mph. My wife and I got silly while out on the plains of eastern Colorado and tried to find out how fast it was... at 115 it was still accelerating smoothly, but the car started to feel kind of like it was floating, and we lost our nerve. My goal is to actually FIX all the minor problems I have on this car and figure out how it goes when I've got those sorted out... I refuse to be beaten by this car. It looks terrific, you don't see too many of them any more, and (when it's not driving me nuts with a minor problem) is a pleasure to drive. Experience tells me though, there aren't any "just okay" versions of this model year... you either got a good one and are among the huge fans of the car, or you got a money pit you can't wait to get rid of... have a mechanic you trust check the car out carefully, and you can get one heck of a car.

Average Rating : 4


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