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A decent AWD car logo 4/25/2016 Shyam

I have the base model and I like the CVT Transmission that is smooth in transition. Unlike most people complained, acceleration is not poor or bad and actually its good and got better after I changed my airfilter to K&N. Its roomy and the ride quality is good. However, I would prefer that Subaru improves the ride quality and make it more cushy drive with soft ride especially on bumps and on pot holes, suspension is not helping. My car fish tailed at least in two incidences of snow despite the symmetrical AWD and the dealership and Subaru could not find anything wrong and did not give a satisfactory explanation. This is my second Subaru after I tradein my 2015 Subaru Impreza which I felt was a better car in snow and never fishtailed. I get a decent mileage on Legacy averaging about 32 which is comparably good considering the all wheel drive.

Average Rating : 4


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