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A deceptive piece of junk logo 5/30/2015 stevemay71

They ride nice, they are quiet - when things don't rattle and stuff begins to rattle after only 65K miles. The dashboard, the glove compartment etc.3800 Series II reliable engine? Not true. Head gasket replaced, 3 out of 4 motor mounts shot, mass air flow sensor dead, ignition coil (cyl 1+4) dead - all between 65K and 75K miles. Sunroof seal began to leak into the trunk. Heated driver seat broken. Several bulbs in the dash and steering wheel broken. Headrest cover broken. Maybe car is nice when it's new but it does not hold up. Age or mileage gets to these suckers. If you're considering one, have it checked out very very thoroughly - then LOWBALL the heck on the price.

Favorite Feature : Engine is strong and quiet.Roomy.Big trunk

Suggested Improvement : - car is NLM so here are the negatives: - mushy ride - fair with touring suspension - expensive to fix - trunk is too big as the expense of the rear seat especially when a tall person sits upfront - things begin to rattle - when car is loaded, load leveling compressor won't stop - no window pull up shade

Average Rating : 2.625


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