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A delightful car logo 5/19/2015 kukaduro

I have been driving the GLA250 for about a half year. Absolutely no problems. It was parked outside in last year's Boston extreme winter and drove in the snow and ice like a champion. The car is a delight to drive. Fast with average 26 mpg (90% city, 30-31 mpg on highway at brisk speeds). I find the GLA a beautiful design and I received many compliment for it (often from Europeans who value the practical hatchbacks more than US drivers).What I don't enjoy is the wind noise on the highway, the very little leg room in the back and the low roof line at the front (I am 6'2")....but all those are compensated well by overall joy driving this car. I tested the BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

Favorite Feature : Interior/exterior design, comfort (front seat only) and enjoyable driving. Safety features.

Suggested Improvement : Despite the other reviews I find the 7 speed auto gear great but it bothers me that it wants to drive in the 7th speed are very slow speeds (35 or so miles/h). That makes the 4 cylinder engine grown (in E mode - which is usually the way I use it with occasional manual down shifting). It would be great to move (slide back and forth) the back seats toward the trunk a little. This is not a family car and the cargo space is OK for me. Wind noise! Review camera ought to be standard because rear visibility is limited.Send2Benz feature is disabled, navigation is poor compared to Google or Waze.

Average Rating : 4.75


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