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A Disgrace to BMW logo 6/12/2016 M

When I first bought this car I thought that it would be a great car. Once I took delivery of the car everything seemed great and perfect. Everything was great the driving the ac. Everything seemed great until exactly a week of driving it that morning I wanted to get into the car but it wouldn't open, so I called roadside assistance they sent a flatbed truck who then jump started the car so then I drove it to the dealership. I gave the dealership the car they told me they were going to fix it after four days they told me to come pick it up when I went to pick it up they told me that there was something wrong with the battery drainage and when I got into the car it said battery failure so I gave it back to them. Then it took them five days to fix it again and every time I called them they would ignore me then it took along time to get it fixed and it didn't get fixed so I gave it back to the dealer which was very hard to give it back to them because they just wanted the money to stay with them. The car turned out to be a lemon and then I felt good that I returned it because if I kept it I would've been keep taking it to them over and over. I wonder how much the "repairs" costed if they weren't covered under the warranty. This car gave a terrible review of BMW and I think they should check their cars better at the factory.

Average Rating : 2


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