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A Driver's car logo 8/27/2015 ghtrum

If you are a driver's driver, you should try this car. In this price range, I consider this a better value than competitors like BMW. Truth: 19 inch tires, upgraded brakes, Premium, RWD drive. I purposedly chose the NON drive by wire, as I had a really BAD experience with another Infiniti that had drive by wire. The NON drive by wire, has excellent road manners, great steering control and road feel, great shift points, and wonderful braking. I find myself in tight turns still able to make micro shifts to the curve such that the line I have picked out is more efficiently used. (It took 1200 miles and 3 months to get to the present performance and appreciation for my part) Though there are two taller gears than the Coupe model, I find the accleration and shift points to be more than adequate.Though others have found the dual electronics screen distracting, I have found the opposite. With most things you need to do, like change the audio device or radio station, there are 2 or 3 ways to get it done. I find that I can keep my attention on my driving, while my fingers find a handy device to make the change. The car seats will appeal to most people, but I can only give them 4/5. I only have two negatives: I hate run flat tires (bumpy, noisy), and I do not like how totally quiet the cabinet is. There is barely any exhaust note or engine tone I can hear inside the cabin. The G37 coupe is more appealling in that regard. I bought the car with several misgivings, but they have mostly gone away, replaced by a real appreciation for this car that melds with my driving needs.

Average Rating : 5


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