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A Fantastic Saab logo 5/1/2015 dcross15

Words cant describe how much I love this car. It is a classic high performance Saab, and anyone who's driven one knows how special they are. It is a true sleeper. There is nothing better then blowing away a GT Mustang in an old Saab. The interior is classic Saab, very comfortable. It's a future classic for sure. The Saab front wheel drive limits it in corners compared to an M3, but its still very capable, and you'll have no problem catching them on the straights. Very reliable too, just look out for vacuum leaks. The fact that it is electronically limited to 155 shows just how performance oriented this thing is. Just watch out for that torque steer in 1st gear.

Favorite Feature : The power, its mind blowing. The seats and interior. The classic Saab look.

Suggested Improvement :

Average Rating : 4.875


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