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A few problems but awesome to drive logo 5/4/2015 jquinones

Ok there were a few problems to the build. there was a design flaw that allows water to go from the front of the car by the hood, to the back passenger side. The amp power cord splits into 2 between the front and the rear seats. and the water corrodes that. so you have to fix that, also the front always scrapes when I go up on something. other than that its a really good car nice and roomy inside too. "I have a 6'5" cousin that wanted to buy my car." It has a lot of torque too, you just floor it and you can feel it just kick in a few seconds later.

Favorite Feature : really roomy, the torque is awesome, always starts good starter family car 1 to 2 kids. trunk space is amazing really big for groceries. i have a milk crate in the back with some tools my own jack and i can fill it with groceries for the week and there is still enough room to fit a body in there. HUGE TRUNK

Suggested Improvement : There is an amp design flaw that I see many impalas have "2001 to 2006" Impalas its a pain to fix because you have to find where the amp wire splits and cut that off and replace the corroded wire.Also it scrapes a lot on the front of the car. When you go into alleys or into parking lots you have to go slow and on an angle so you dont scrape.

Average Rating : 4.5


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