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A Fun, Practical Car for Anyone logo 5/22/2015 jmoyer11

Owner of i Touring hatchback w/ 6-speed manual for 6+ months. I have had no issues & I enjoy owning this beautiful car. I've averaged 33.1 mpg overall with an assertive driving style.I can say that I do NOT regret choosing the 2.0L engine. It is quick & punchy. The only time I have noticed a lack of power was when I was hauling 3 other adults & their luggage on hilly terrain. What sets this car apart from the competition is its driving dynamics. It is a more fun & engaging drive with excellent steering feel. It is confident in corners & feels very light. I absolutely love this about the 3. Other cars in its class fall short of the 3 here.Its quality exceeds its price tag.


Favorite Feature : Driving dynamics: You feel involved & connected to the road. Don't let the firm ride comments deter you (unless you like a numb drive). It adds to the experience. You will get used to this.Unique: I love how I don't see a million others on the road.The interior: Quality & comfort are excellent. I love the minimalist design. Nice materials are used for all touch points. Seats are firm but comfy.A package that is just right: Hatch utility, fun to drive, excellent MPG, quick acceleration, manual trans... A practical choice for driving purists & common commuters alike.Mazda Connect infotainment system - Feels upscale & is easy to use.

Suggested Improvement : The display seems tacked onto the dash. It could be more integrated into the interior design - though, I have gotten used to it.The gas pedal could be more vertical & I wish it accommodated heel-toe shifting more which would make sense in a car like this.The low beam headlights shine very low. I find myself using my high beams more because of this. I think this is due to the headlamp design.Armrest cubby is difficult to open with the driver's right arm alone because of its shape, making it difficult to access my sunglasses in a pinch.The infotainment system has slowed down a bit since I drove it off the lot (a common issue among systems).

Average Rating : 4.875


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