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A Good Alternative to German and Japanese Models logo 4/3/2017 Craig

Coming out of an Audi Q5, the MKC is a pleasant surprise. Professional reviews of it have been mixed. While some of the criticisms are valid, most are not. On the plus side, the interior materials are every bit as good as the Germans and Japanese. MKC's leather is superior to the Q5's base leather. If anything is lacking inside, it's not the materials, it's the aesthetic design. Lincoln needs to get a bit more creative in that regard to match the Europeans. I'm not crazy about the center stack design, though it's better in person that in pics. The exterior design is best in class except arguably the Macan in my opinion. Many reviews claim the MKC is slow compared to competitors, but it certainly doesn't feel it. My 2.0 MKC feels just as fast as my Q5 2.0 did. Ultimately, the MKC is let down by its downmarket 6 speed transmission, which results in acceleration and mileage disadvantages compared to the 7, 8, and 9 speeds common in the class (RSX & NX still make due with 6 speeds as well). A transmission with 2 more gears would even up the score. The AWD model will pull .83g on a skidpad. That's right there with the Benz's .83g & Audi's .85g, so handling is competitive. If you want a small SUV that drives like a sports car, the BMX X3 or Porsche Macan are for you. Most people don't need that though. The features for the money is incredible. On the minus side, the backseat is uninhabitable by anyone with legs if you're sitting behind a 6 footer like me. Lincoln has to do a better job on the packaging. Also the driver left footrest is oddly shaped and not big enough for someone with larger feet. The view out the back is also not so great, but that's common in these newer designs with higher beltlines. Lastly, the optional 2.3 engine didn't feel any quicker than the 2.0, making it not worth its $1k cost in my opinion. Other than the tight rear seat, these are minor quibbles. Try to option up a X5, Q5 or GLC similarly to a Reserve MKC and you'll spend about $6k more - same goes for the Black Label. One could argue these German vehicles are better - but certainly none are $6k better. And some of them don't offer all the tech the MKC has at any price. The RSX is blah and soulless, the Macan and Evoque are horribly overpriced, and the NX is just plain ugly with underwhelming equipment options. That all adds up to Lincoln having a credible competitor in this class. Final thought for all those complaining about poor mileage. New cars typically have poor mileage during the engine break in period - especially turbo engines. It'll get better after the first few hundred miles.

Average Rating : 4


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