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A Great Car - Horrible Comfort logo 4/6/2017 Renay Rodriguez

I will never buy another CRV again unless Honda decides to fix the interior car seat design. After owning the car for 6 months I now have a permanent shoulder and neck injury from driving this vehicle. The headrest is so far forward that it causes curvature right at the base of the neck into the mid spine area. As a result of being constantly curved you begin to develop next train with creates muscle tightness in the neck which is now resulted in tingling and numbness in two my hands. I tried turning the headrest around and felt infinitely more comfortable but it's not safe because there's no support in case of an accident. An additional problem is the bottom part of the seats themselves even at 5 to the seats are too short. As a result you don't get any support behind your legs. And this creates neck and back strain as well as you are required to support your own legs throughout the drive with just your bottom on the seat. I drive a car to drive and go places and this car has been miserable. Another reason not to ever buy this car again is the road noise. You can barely talk on your cell phone in this car when you're on the highway because the road and wind noise is so loud. You cannot listen to music comfortably in this car because you have to blast it so loud in order to be able to hear the music over the wind and road noise. When I bought this car I was thinking great gas mileage reliability and safety. But I didn't think about Comfort because I assumed a car company like Honda as reputable as they are would have created seats that would have been comfortable.

Average Rating : 3


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