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A Great Luxury Sedan! logo 6/14/2017 Auto Terry

Ok, I drove many cars before picking the DTS, Lincoln was a very close second! But I choose the DTS for Ride, Comfort, Quiet Cabin and pure size. It is a big car with ROOM. When looking at Lexus, Audi, Infinity or BMW, you will spend more money. Plus you have to use premium fuel at .50 plus more per gallon ad the performance is not as smooth as the Northstar V8! On regular fuel i get 18MPG around town and have got 25 MPG on a trip, running 70MPH and our luggage and presents for the Grandkids! The professional reviews if you want to call them look toward the status symbol of a name plate. I looked at pure car comoparison not an image of how I arrive, after all isn.t that what driving a car is all about. Sure the car floats, that is luxury. What do people do buy a luxury car with real tight handling and take it to the track? Get serious. I own a Z06 Corvette for that. And I will tell you the Caddy is no slouch! Not as tight as European cars, but I bought a luxury car. The massaging seat are superb on a long drive, Bose stereo sounds great. And when I look at the dash it is straight forward, easy to use. Some of the other cars I looked at including Lexus and Toyota Avalon and the above, there were so many confusing controls that were not ergonomically designed, it made you wonder. I am driving the car not operating and airliner. Infinity, BMW and Audi were the worst set of dash controls. Now to the car, if anything breaks it is half the cost of other parts, the same base components are made in high quantities as they are on the GM cars and less than competitors. The dealer has been great. The car has only need normal wearable maintenance items. No big scheduled service appointment for required maintenance that cost $1800 like some of the others. I have taken good care of the car and the fit and finish is perfect, nothing has come loose or ever left me down! Does it look dated, no it is a classic look. And when driving it the seats are like the recliner at home, not a hugging seat with tight seat bolsters (save those for racing seats) pure comfort. The engine is smooth and steady, always there when you need power and quiet! The NAV is now a tad outdated, but that is technology. I have owned many luxury brands including Benz and some of the above and the Caddy is a keeper!

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