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A great smaller Audi logo 8/24/2015 Ron White

I traded a 2013 A4 for an A3 2.0 Premium Plus Quattro. It's about a foot shorter than the A4 and feels sportier and quicker since it has the same engine but is smaller and lighter. The interior is definitely up to Audi standards, but the CD player is placed in the glove box, making it useless when the driver is alone (unless you want to drive into a ditch changing a CD!). The handling is sporty, steering seems tighter than the A4, and the car rides just as well as its larger cousin. The engine is quiet and smooth but there seems to be more road noise than the A4, probably due to less sound insulation. Mileage has been impressive, quite a bit better than the A4. Comfort and space int the front seat seem equal to the A4 but the back is understandably tighter. The bucket seats are firm and comfortable on a long trip. Drove through several snowstorms this winter, and the Quattro all-wheel drive keeps the car feeling secure and planted. Overall, I love this car--it has Audi's classy styling and quality in a smaller package that's fun to drive.

Average Rating : 5


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