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A great used car or just a lot of problems? logo 8/5/2015

I normally would not post a car review. I think my experience with my Honda has made me change my mind. Most consider Honda to be reliable. Over 3 Honda's I have found almost the opposite. Lets start off with the great things about the car. I get 28 to 29mpg consistently. For the speed the car has, I consider this good. As of 2015, there are cars that get better and are a lot faster though. Reports from actual owners say the EPA is off though. I can only speak for my car and say the fuel mileage is good. The seats, they are great. Best seats I have sat in short of luxury cars. I prefer cloth seats over backside burning leather in the summer months. The car is almost 10 years old and they have held up great. The head room is great and so is the front leg room. I am 6' 3" and I can even get in the back but its cramped. Its quite a peppy car, 0 to 60 time in like 6.7 seconds. Not too bad for a 4 cylinder made now, many years ago. The bad:Honda reliability is once again(as I said I have owned 3 Hondas) just not what its made out to be. Honda had an issue with 3rd gear not working right. They finally did a recall and my car went in for the recall. Years later, 3rd gear pops out at times and has to be put in with force. No, its not the syncors. It works most of the time but can still be a problem at times.Road noise is unreasonable in this car. Mine is worse than some because of the low profile tires but it is still not good. It rides very rough. Its one of the biggest reasons I plan to get rid of the car. While it hugs the road and you feel safe, you also feel every hole in the road and its like riding on a horse and buggy to work. The back tires get eaten away on the inside. Honda did a recall for this after a class action lawsuit was filed. I had mine fixed by Honda but to this day the inside of the tires still wear faster than the rest of the tire. It has helped but did not fully fix the problem. Alignments help but it does not seem to stay in alignment long.The timing chain failed at 145k miles. I had to pay 1500 bucks plus towing fee's to get a "never maintenance" issue fixed. The rear view mirror is falling apart from the inside and has areas that no longer work.Now for the biggest problem, the paint. Honda did a TSB on paint for certain colors. My color was one of them they did not offer to fix but just the hood area. I now have almost no paint on my roof and the paint on the side pillars is starting to come off. I also see areas on the trunk that look like they are starting to fail. I called Honda of America only to be told my car was too old and too high mileage. I told them how it was failing in the same areas and way in which the recalled colors were and all I got was that it was not a recall but a TSB. They would not even offer to help pay for the over 1000 dollars in paint repairs this car now needs. They said over 800 for just the roof. Might be well over 1000 now that the paint is failing in other areas.Honda knows they had faulty paint. My car now unless fixed, will have very little of that wonderful Honda re-sell value. The paint is nothing new for Honda, my 2004 accord had paint falling off of it when I sold it. I like the car but not enough to recommend it to anyone unless you get it cheap.

Average Rating : 3


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