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A Handsome Hauler logo 4/30/2016 Kelly

Let's say you are an outdoors type or a family type, either way you need something to haul your gear or your people or both. This truck, I like calling it a truck - it's not a car, and "SUV" sounds silly, carries your stuff in style. I sigh every time I look at my Ex. It's just so good looking! It hauls my husband, two dogs, camping gear, luggage, a bike on the back, and a small kayak on top. I keep the third-row seats lowered for more room in the cargo area. I love knowing I can raise the lift gate and easily load my gear or groceries into the cargo space. The front and back seats are comfortable. People in the back like having access to their own heating and cooling controls. Other than that, my Explorer has basic controls but I'm okay with that because it kept the price low when I bought it used. Besides, I do not want nor need navigation, bluetooth, or the MyFord touch. The truck's auxiliary ports are sufficient for playing my music through my phone. I fill up the tank once a week for my daily trips to work and back. I drive 250 miles a week plus local driving on the weekends. My only concerns are the whistling noise around the windshield at high speeds and sometimes the engine refuses to go faster than 80 miles per hour though that might be the result of a safety feature - and really who needs to go faster than 80 mph.

Average Rating : 4


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