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a headache from the beginning logo 8/17/2015 Vanessa

I felt in love when i saw this car at the dealer, i bought it used precertify. this suv is VERyVERy heavy to make turns and to park, its very tiff. I have oil leaking problem, doing my research turned out that most of them have the oil leaks problem after 100k miles or so, so every 2 week i have to add oil when its low on oil. Tires are not straight, they are a bit outwardd inclined, so,i had to change 6 tires in 1 year and 5 month period.,the left mirrow would always come out. Back light will go out often, either the turn, brake or tail light.. i had 2 windows regulator broken and the sunroof regulator was weak.The motor was burning too much oil, lots of smoke come out of pipe if i idle. One mechanic told me it need a tune up, another one says it needs a special oil, and the third says its the motor burning oil cuz of high miles(127k). I had to replace the battery once and it was a nightmate, and i have to replace the key cuz the remote control battery die and there is no way to get a new battery ,, the whole key need replacement. At the end i was getting the "trans safe program fail" light and the car was lossing power, i dont know if it needed another battery after changing it 4 months before that. But im glad i was able to get rid of that car before its brake down completely. I owned for 1 year and 5 month,

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