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a HUGE head-scratcher logo 4/28/2016 BOhio

I eagerly awaited the arrival of this new Titan after Nissan let their original version (and the Frontier/Xterra line) languish for a decade with virtually no meaningful redesigns. Nissan, shame on you! (My 2006 Xterra S is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned...) The early pics of the new Titan were concerning; it looked like a mash-up of various other brands, and just way overdone, e.g. the ridiculous emblems on the front fenders. Still, I wanted to see the truck in person and drive the beast. When it finally arrived at a close-enough dealer, I made the trip. Talk about a let-down! This thing is an abomination. Just WAY too big for a 'tweener. Maybe it should be marketed to WWE performers, because it's so massive in every respect. Except performance. Sluggish acceleration, and despite having a price tag at or above "real" heavy duty trucks, it does not provide real heavy duty truck capabilities. The SV I looked at and drove had an MSRP of $55k, and the dealer wasn't going to "move much" off that price. Yet I could buy a RAM 2500 with the awesome Cummins 6.7 liter diesel and its 370 HP and 800 (!!) ft-lbs of torque -- for $51k after dealer markdowns. In summary, I could buy this new Titan (and I was truly a Nissan advocate, having owned five of their vehicles in the last 15 years) with less capability and unproven reliability but pay more for it, vs. a proven star heavy duty truck in the RAM mentioned. No contest. Unless Nissan cuts their pricing by $10k, I don't know why anybody would opt for the 'XD'. I would be astonished if Nissan meets their sales expectations with this XD. On the other hand, they sold what, like 12k Titans in all of 2015? (Ford sells that many F150s in a week...) Thumbs down, and a Bronx jeer to Nissan for letting their Frontier and Xterra become old and obsolete. New models should have been released several years ago, including a diesel option and better/more adjustable SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and rear suspension that doesn't bottom out when rolling over obstacles like the edge of my driveway... sheesh.)

Average Rating : 2


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